Other services

The following services could be offered by Forbes & Walker Fine Foods


Forbes & Walker Commodity Brokers, an associate company with Forbes & Walker Group is an authority on Sri Lankan spices and a leader in the industry. Sourcing and contract packing of an  assortment of spices from Sri Lanka could be arranged through Forbes & Walker Fine Foods and Forbes & Walker Commodity Brokers.

 Single origin Ceylon Cinnamon 

Kahawatte Plantations, another associate company within the MJF Group holds the single largest Ceylon Cinnamon plantation in Sri Lanka. Although several varieties of Cinnamon grow in other countries, 90% of ‘True Cinnamon’ grows only in Sri Lanka. Its versatility and rich ambiguity in flavor is unmatched by other varieties. Forbes & Walker Fine Foods could assist in sourcing and value addition for this single origin True Cinnamon depending on the need.

 Fresh Vegetables and Fruits

Forbes & Walker Fine Foods could undertake to supply bulk contracts of an assortment of fresh vegetables and fruit from Sri Lanka, grown on lands in which it has control over, either directly or through Kahawatte Plantations.

High quality compost for bulk customers

Forbes & Walker Farms, an associate company within Forbes & Walker will shortly offer high quality compost made at its own farm  for sale to selected bulk customers.