Supply Chain

“from seed to store”

‘Linked to the chain’ – we work with all stakeholders in the supply chain; the supplier of seed, farmers, technical supervisors who provide inputs to the famers, factories who manufacture the pickles as per specifications provided, customers, packing material  suppliers and logistics agents. This is to ensure that the best quality crop is manufactured according to the desired pickling formulation and sent fresh to the customers outside India.

Seed manufacturers

FFF works with international seed suppliers to get down high yield varieties to benefit the farmers, whilst also helping deliver a product for the consumer.


FFF links farmers to the seed suppliers, the factories and the customer & helps share best practice & knowledge to help improve crop quality, incomes for the farmers & ultimate product quality

The factories

We work closely with all contract packers on setting quality standards & also provide training on using new technologies

The customer

We maintain constant contact with a cross section of international customers to keep abreast of the latest developments in the markets and also test new concepts with these customers. We also work with a panel of internationally qualified Chefs to obtain insights for product development.